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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Soiho Urban Clothes. The following terms and conditions govern the using and selling of our web. These terms & conditions are the following:


You can buy our products from our on-line store. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at

No goods will be shipped befote the payment has been received. Any intention of swindle will be reported to the police. Soiho Urban Clothes reserves the right to cancel withhold or investigate any suspicious order. Even if this could affect the delivery period.

No forms of payment other than the ones showed on topo f the trolley will be accepted.Soiho Urban Clothes reserves its right of minimal changes of the material, color, weight or manufacture from how they are seen in the web.
This also includes misprinting, prices and stock changes.

All prices include VAT(value-added tax 18%)


All the shipments will be made via SEUR. The order will be sent to the address which was introduced at the registration.

The delivery period is three working days. If not the customer will be informed. All the goods which could be bought on-line available in stock. 15 € will be charged for any returned package. Eg. If the shipment isn’t signed or pick up from the delivery point. If you change your mind about your order please contact immediately our customer service center. In any case you will have to pick up the package and send it back to us.

Any damage products must be notified at the delivery point. If you notice the imperfections after receining the package, please contact our customer service center. In case of return the client is responsible about the products.

Our shipping fees are:


We have the following options:

All payments have to be made in EUROS.

When paying with credit card the payment must be done immediately. You will receive a tracking code on your e-mail. When the package arives you can pick it up at the delivery point.

Any information concerning your credit card will be hidden and protected. Soiho Urban Clothes reserves its right to cancel withhold or investigate any suspicious order. Even if this could affect the delivery period.

T-shirt store could ask for confirmation of the order by sending a setter to the invoicing address before delivering the package.


We apply the european law in accordance with the right to complain and return.You have the right to return a product and receive a complete refund or change for another product 30 days after the delivery. If you change your mind about any product you have to contact customer service center within 30 days. We will not accept the return of any used or damaged products. No refund for products on sale. Those can only be changed or you can receive a credit card note. In case of return or change, the client pays the shipping costs.

If the product is faulty, damaged or if the return is due to our mistake the shipping costs will be refunded or paid by us. Please inform our customer service center about the claim, before returning the product, and when return the product enclosing the receipt to the following address:

Soiho Urban Clothes S.L.
C/ Furs de Valencia 33 4º-G
Vila-real (12540) Castellón


Any information concerning your credit card card will be encrypted and protected. Most of the internet users use symbols or the guide htt:// to show that the webpage you are visiting is secure. Soiho Urban Clothes coperates with “Banco de Santander” for credit card payments according to the european law, Soiho Urban Clothes has to obtain your permission before using your personal information helps us give you better attention and keep you informed about our news, changes and updates.

According to European law Soho urban clothes has to have your approval before handling your personal information. Receiving your personal information helps us to give You good customer service and updates. We will not leave or sell your personal information to third-parties without your permission.


In case of war, civil war, revolution, disturbance, strike, blockade, lockout, natural disaster, measures of public authority or similar circumstances. Soiho Urban Clothes, will claim Force Majeure. This means that these terms and conditions would be parcially applied. It this hapened Soiho Urban Clothes will try to inform their clients about it.